Journalistic standards

We strive to provide honest news, backed with factual data and link to source of the news from social media and other websites. We attempt not to stray into opinionated content and give a balanced view. Factual errors identified or reported are fixed and corrected. Our writers are encouraged to write under their personal names, include a short bio and profile photo.

Reporting Disclosure

Our writers and editors are actively requested to disclose their cryptocurrency holdings, trades and anything else that can cause conflict of interest.

Sponsored Content

Any sponsored content or advertisements or press releases are clearly labelled to ensure readers are fully aware of the nature of the content.

Opinon Articles

Opinion articles, whether written by guest writers or freelance writers hired by Coin News,  are clearly labeled under “Opinions” category. We attempt to give a balanced viewpoint even on articles that fall under the category of “Opinions”.

Social Media

We are a responsible member of social media platforms and we ensure that our news coverage in those platforms are in line with terms and conditions of the platforms used.

Images and 3rd Party Content

We use only either licensed images or images that fall under fair use policy for news reporting purposes.